Tips Jamu : How to Make Jamu

How To Make Jamu - The use of treatments vegetation or better known as the herb or organic herbs in fact has identified by our group. Although now many organic herbs are created and loaded in a contemporary way. But the customized of herbs or organic eat generally is still found in the group of Indonesia, especially in the areas.There have been many confirmed performance of organic herbs and organic. While more affordable, organic herbs also have side effects are very little. However, there are still many people who question the performance of our organic. Provided, the power of treatments herbs and herbs sedahsyat no chemistry.

Treatment with organic herbs and flower take a while.There are several factors that cause why organic herbs and organic herbs are not working successfully. Display of the incorrect, time to take incorrect, incorrect amount, and the. stress of the individual are the factors that cause the organic herbs are not effective. Prof. H.M. Hembing Wijayakusuma in his book "Complete Natural Items perfected Disease" represents the things that must be regarded in getting the organic herbs as follows:

1. cooking meals water (boiled about 2 hours).

2. Little fire: with a long boiling hot hot time is also used for herb

3. Fresh simplicia treatments vegetation (herbal) with water until clean.

4. Immediate use of clean organic herbs that have been clean for treatments. If the content is large or large, preferably cut into sleek items so that when boiling hot hot the substances involved therein easily get out and rest in boiling hot hot water. For the organic herbs are stored, dry the first after being washed for durability and prevent spoilage by infection and harmful bacteria. Dry matter (simplicia) are also easier to be crushed powder substances (powder). Strike blow drying can be immediately in the sun or use protection equipment. Can also be oxygen rich, with regards to the size or water content.

5. Festered immediate elements that have been used as powder (powder) with hot or boiling hot hot water. For challenging elements and complicated to be created, usually crushed and boiled first for about 10 moments before
adding other substances.

6. Use water that is as well as contain no harmful
chemicals to water. Make sure that adequate statistics so that all substances have treatments submerged approximately 3 cm.

7. Healing substances to water, use a program made from floor pot (ceramic), enameled pan or pot shard. Do not use metal containers, such as metal, metal, and brass. Metal containing metal trichloride and potassium ferrycianide. These substances are leading to down payment to the water for situation. During boiling hot hot, not too
often open the lid of the program so that important oil content not easily losing.

8. Use of fire using the type of boiled herbs.
--Small Fire: Use to water the organic herbs are effective as a tonic, like ginseng and fresh mushrooms ling zhi that active content is absorbed into the all solutions and herbs that contain poisons, such as remaining hair god for the content of poisons is decreased.
--Big fire: Use to water the organic herbs are effective or simplicia diaforetik (sweat) and contains many essential organic, such as great, clove and nutmeg. After boiling, put substances and prepare momentarily. In this way, content atsirinya not much is losing due to excessive water loss process.

9. If no other provide, boiling hot hot cooking meals water is considered accomplished when the remaining 50 percent of the amount of water initially, for example 800 cc to 400 cc. If the content is boiled mostly challenging elements, such
as seeds products products or occurs left third of the cooking meals water, for example 600 cc to 200 cc.

10. If it contains the dry substances, usually amount (dose) half of the quality of clean content. For example, use a information of clean outcomes in of use 90 h and 15 grams
when dry.

11. Make sure the quality of treatments vegetation in accordance with the recommended. Usually, a prescribed drug plants divided for 2 times beverages a day. The remaining pulp can be boiled first boiled again for a eat in the afternoon or night.

12. Consume decoction of treatments flower substances in warm and thereafter use large outfits or bed linen. However, for certain types of organic herbs, such as areca seed decoction should be absorbed freezing to avoid causing abdomen kotraksi with feeling sick, a feeling of sickness, and abdominal pain.

13. Usually, organic decoction absorbed before a food to be easily absorbed. However, for the treatments flower that can stimulate the belly, eat after eating. Drinking potions is effective as an company (tonic) in the morning with an unfilled belly. For a healthy herb as a sedative, for example, to insomnia, drinking before bed.

14. Execute frequent treatments. To remember, herbal treatment needs determination because it does not directly feel the benefits, but are konstruktirf (fix / build). Outcomes of material treatment did seem fast, but it is destructive. Because of its characteristics, the flower is not
recommended as main treatments of infectious
diseases that are serious , such as dengue heated,
vomiting, and others who should get immediate
medical help. Healing vegetation are recommended for health maintenance and treatments of illnesses that are chronic (chronic).

15. Herbs can be along with chemical drugs, especially for serious illnesses are complicated to cure, such as most cancers in order to acquire a more effective treatments outcomes. Guidelines of getting herbal medicine for about 2 time after program of chemical drug


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